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Jemae is no rookie to the design realm and has been an industrial designer for over 20 years. His thoughtful and beautifully created designs are inspired through his life and things surrounding him.

Four of his designs were selected by Threadless, a renowned online community of independent t-shirt designers. After his quadruple wins, soon, more and more of the Threadless community became fans of his work and later, he joined the ranks of the top 15 designers for Threadless' People's Choice Bestee of the Year 2007.

Spurred on by this success, he submitted designs to other unique t-shirt communities, Uneetee and La Fraise, where two of his designs were selected.

Jemae has done freelance work for numerous local and international companies. To hire him, just shoot an email to or Please allow a couple of days for him to respond.

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