Wednesday, January 24, 2007



J said...

Love your work Jemae. I was wondering if you do commissioned work as well. I'm in need of a designer.

J said...

BTW my email address is jterrell(at)gmail(dot)com


Willem Stockton said...

i guess there is no way for me to convince you this isn't spam but i assure you it's not.

Regardless: I'm the manager for an up-incoming band based out of Bryan Texas. And we're about to release our first Album and need some work done for it. I've seen your stuff and really like it, i think your style captures the eccentricities of the band i represent. If you're interested I'd like you to design me:

A Cd Jacket
Concert Fliers
Promotional Posters
Stage Banner
T shirt design.

Listen to their music here:

and let me know your ideas. Prepare a quick sketch, i'll review it and we'll negotiate the logistics of payment etc. Then i'll fax you out a contract and then i guess we'll take it from there. I'm probably putting the cart before the horse here, are you at all interested?

Mucho Gusto,

PS: you can reach me at

Yo-Ho Yo-Ho A pirates life for me!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Tahniah. Nampaknya penat lelah Jemae (with a namasake like mine!) selama ini menghasilkan tuaian yang lebat. Saya tumpang gumbira melihat seorang lagi Malaysian, lebih2 lagi yang baca Bismillah apabila dia makan, berjaya di lapangan antarabangsa.